Owen Brierley

Edmonton Digital Arts College

Owen is the Executive Director of Guru Digital Arts College. Building on the previous 6 years of the school’s growth, Owen has introduced 5 new full-time diploma programs and expanded the student population in the past 4 years. Owen brings 15 years of experience in the digital media industry including co-creating Keys2Drive for the AMA as part of GystWorks, co-creating an a game for the tween audience called the Central Institute for Exploration (seekyourownproof.com) with Hotrocket Studios; game design and project leadership of a serious game for service rig workers called Simulynx for Terris-Hill Productions; and serving as the Multimedia Development Coordinator for Alberta Learning's LearnAlberta.ca project, a repository of digital learning objects for the K-12 sector. 

Owen's roles typically have involved leadership, creative facilitation, strategy, forecasting, analysis and design, and user experience design. Owen is an active speaker and champion of the digital media industry in Alberta.

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